With Nature As Our Guide, We Thrive.

Our mission is to educate on the true depth of Nature on a journey of improved holistic health; where people, plants and pets live in harmony. 

Fat Dog Farm: Tails of Farm Failures

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About Us

In 2010, a dog named Samosa, found her way into our hearts and guided us to change our story. Our paradigm shifted from a city life to a move into the country. Through her, we learned to live responsibly and ethically with the natural rhythms of Mother Nature. We now spend more time unplugged and immersed in the healing space where people, plants and pets live in harmony on the farm. We feel blessed to be able to educate and share how we live, in awe of the wisdom and magic nature offers, because of our life on Fat Dog Farm. 

“If we wonder often, the gift of knowledge will come. If we never wonder, knowledge will never find us.”  

― Arapaho Proverb

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